Bible Drill Arkansas Bible Drill Regions and Coordinators

Children's Bible Drill in Arkansas is divided into regions. Mark your calendar now with the 2023 important regional drill dates, locations, and names...

Bible Drill Manual

For an explanation of the Bible Drill ministry for children, youth, and high school, including details about how to conduct Bible drills, read the...

Bible Study Library

Looking for a bible study? Church Health has a small library for borrowing.

Big Day Christmas

Is your church ready for Christmas Sunday?

Block Party Training Manual

Download the manual used for block party training to use and share with your church in the block party process!

Boston Strong [VIDEO]

What began as a burden for missions in the Northeast led Pastor Jason Tallent and his wife Micah on an unexpected journey: planting a church in Boston. The Arkansas couple is supported by every church that gives to cooperative missions through the Cooperative Program.

Bringing the Gospel in Range—Video

A "Cowboy Church" is planted in Arkansas with the purpose of bringing the Gospel within range of a culture that is often overlooked and underserved. Thanks to Cooperative Program funding, this type of church plant is reaching not only cowboys, but their families and their communities for Christ. Learn more at

Building Essentials - Issues that Affect Church Health

This is a summary of space issues that can affect a church's health.
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