Security Checklist for Church Facilities

Former Police Chief Mike Davis, who retired from the  North Little Rock police department after more than 32 years and is a member of Park Hill Baptist Church in North Little Rock advises church security teams how to conduct a walk-through of their facility to spot potential problem areas using this checklist as a guide. A survey is included for potential volunteers as well as a information sheet for staff to aid in making contact in the event of an emergency.


A printable version is available at the bottom of the page. 



_____Trees and Shrubbery:  All shrubs and trees are trimmed to reduce hiding places for persons and easy access to roof or upper floors.

_____Signage:  Signs are present showing locations for entry; to include worship locations and office location for visitors during week.

_____Signage:  Signs are present to direct visitors to proper location to ensure they are welcomed properly.

_____Fire escapes:  Exits are properly labeled AND access is open and easy to reach.

_____Equipment:  Equipment is secured if left in the open.

_____Equipment:  All equipment stored outside or in storage facilities is secured properly and inventoried with serial number and photos.

_____HVAC:  Serial numbers recorded and additional markings are in place if copper present.

_____HVAC:  Equipment is secured by fence or cage to prevent theft.

_____Lighting:  Sufficient lighting is present at all entrances, parking areas and walkways.

_____Lighting:  Exterior lighting is vandal proof.

_____Lighting:  Motion sensitive at appropriate locations

_____Doors/Windows:  Doors and windows are up to date with latest available security updates in place.

_____Outside Check System:  Documented weekly check off inspection system in place to ensure the safety of those attending events.  This should include:  no graffiti or controversial items are present, no suspicious items, trash removed, and playground equipment safe and free from items that are health hazards. Checks should be completed prior to day’s planned activities.

_____Line of sight:  Views are free of obstruction from inside to parking lots, play grounds, walkways are all visible from entry doors.

_____Staff parking:  If parking for staff is identified ensure it is easily observable from entry doors. (if not designated ensure safety team is aware of vehicles driven by staff members)

_____Law Enforcement:  Familiar with property, included in safety/security planning.

_____Law Enforcement:  Has up to date emergency contact information.

_____Neighbor watch:  Ensure neighbors have emergency contact information for key personnel in case of an emergency or observance of suspicious activity.

_____Security Cameras: If cameras present ensure they are working properly weekly and signage is present if warranted to discourage crime or other unwanted activities.

_____Chemical Storage: Ensure cleaning chemicals, gasoline, oil etc. are stored in secure areas.



_____Lighting:  Entryways are well lite along with all hallways. 

_____Lighting:  Lighting has been updated-auto on off in key areas to prevent unwanted activities.

_____Lighting:  Key locations lighted during overnight.

_____Access:  Hallways are clear and not used for storage.

_____Classrooms:  Easy entry and viewing from outside of room.

_____Classrooms:  Lockable from inside in case of trouble.

_____Child care areas: locked down.

_____Worship Center:  Ensure walk through is completed prior to each service looking for unwanted items.

_____Alarm system:  If alarmed ensure equipment updates and functioning.

_____Entry doors:  Locks changed or rekeyed to ensure limited access.

_____Key control:  Master keys are numbered and limited to key personnel.

_____Inventory:  Set monetary amount to count to include:  kitchen, worship center, classrooms, sound equipment, files, sporting equipment, maintenance equipment, vehicles, etc. etc.

_____Inventory:  Record serial numbers and/or photos of equipment and store information both on and off site. Consider some type of engraving on some items.

_____Fraud prevention:  System of checks and balances in place to detect any suspicious fraud activities.

_____Password protection:  System in place to ensure frequent changes are made in passwords to prevent outside/inside security breaches.

_____Wireless network:  Network is secure to prevent outside access and potential viruses are avoided by unauthorized use.

_____Child/Adult online protection:  preventive measures are in place to prevent access to all sites that are questionable both morally and legally.

_____Facility Map:  Diagram of building and locations of classrooms posted for easy viewing for those assisting visitors and for emergency responders.

_____Medical:  Equipment up to date with items needed and easily accessible with adequate signage on location.

_____Medical:  Up to date list of available medical personnel who are members easily accessible for safety/security team.

_____Law Enforcement:  Local law enforcement and fire department have a blueprint/floor plan/classroom locations of facility.


Additional Questions to ask

_____Do our members feel safe?

_____Do our visitors feel welcome?

_____Does Staff feel confident that any issues will be handled properly by team members?

_____Do we have a crisis management plan in place and does everyone understand their role?

_____What needs were found in the assessment and where do we start?

Safety/Security Survey

Our Safety/Security Team is currently seeking assistance as we move forward in our goal of protecting those who attend our church and providing a welcoming atmosphere to those who are visiting.  Please take a minute to complete this questionnaire and return to a team member or staff member as soon as possible.  We would like to know of any medical skills or law enforcement experience that you may have as well. 


Contact number (s):______________________________________

Would you be willing to help provide a presence on our parking lots and greet members and visitors providing assistance as needed? _____

Would you be willing to help provide a presence inside assisting members and visitors as needed? _____

When would be available to assist?

            Sunday morning _____

            Sunday evening _____

            Other services _____

            Weekly _____

            Monthly ____

Medical Experience:


            CPR Certified_____

            AED(Automated External Defibrillator)_____

            Basic Medical training_____


Law Enforcement Experience_____



**Staff Protection includes both at Church and away.  During the course of a “routine” day you may encounter something that “just doesn’t seem right”.  If you think it, it probably is.  Contact should be made with another member of the security team or another Staff person advising them of the situation.  If you are concerned for your or your family’s safety contact a member of the Security team or call 911 immediately if conditions exist.  The information that you are completing is for security reasons only and will not be shared with anyone else.  It simply allows us to have quick access to valuable information in case of emergency.




Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Vehicle information (make, model, year, color, LPN):

Spouse Information


Cell Phone:


Work Supervisor:

Work number:

Vehicle information:


Children Information

Names-age/cell numbers if applicable:

Place of employment if local:

Vehicle information: