Videos — Dixie Jackson

Thanks for checking out the 2018 Dixie Jackson Video series! Below you will find 6 different videos that we invite you to download and show in your church in connection with the Dixie Jackson Arkansas State Missions Offering. These videos touch on almost everything this offering funds in the state! You'll find videos of Disaster Relief, Collegiate Ministry, Community Missions, Church Planting & more! 

If you would like to download individual videos, click the download button beneath each video!

"Thank You for Giving to Dixie Jackson"

Download "Thank You for Giving to Dixie Jackson"

I am Dixie Jackson.

Download "I am Dixie Jackson."

Finding Impact [Colliegate & Young Leaders]

Download "Finding Impact"

Game Changer [Church Planting]

Download "Game Changer"

Ready To Go [Disaster Relief]

Download "Ready To Go"

Right In Our Backyard [Community Missions]

Download "Right In Our Backyard"

Serving and Sharing [Community Missions]

Download "Serving and Sharing"