Who's Your One Timeline



Participation in the Who’s Your One emphasis does not require following an official timeline. The focus should be perpetual. However, following a churchwide timeline may be beneficial in creating congregational enthusiasm and unity around Who’s Your One. With that in mind, below is a timeline to consider using in your church.



Pre-Launch (3-4 weeks before week 1):

  • Commit personally to participate in Who’s Your One and identify your One
  • Meet with leaders
    • Explain the emphasis
    • Share the name of your One
    • Encourage leaders to identify their One
  • Plan the details of the emphasis
    • When will the emphasis begin?
    • How will we track congregational participation?
    • How will we celebrate how God is working through Who’s Your One?
  • Order Who’s Your One resources



Week 1: Launch Sunday

  • Preach first sermon*
  • Create awareness and excitement
  • Cast vision



Week 2: Commitment Sunday

  • Preach second sermon*
  • Distribute prayer guides and bookmarks



Week 3: Day of Prayer

  • Prayer service
  • Conclude with a time of commitment
  • Instruct the congregation to start the 30-day prayer guide



Week 4: Third sermon*



Week 5: Fourth sermon*



Week 6: Fifth sermon*



Week 7: Big Day

  • The Big Day may be Easter, Christmas, a revival, or another event
  • Preach an evangelistic sermon



*Note to pastors: The sermons at are a suggestion for

weeks 1-2 and 4-6. However, you are free to prepare and preach any sermon at your discretion which focuses on the need for reaching the lost.