South Asia - A note to Arkansas Baptists

A Note to Arkansas Baptists from South Asia 
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South Asia’s Affinity Vision is for local ownership of the core missionary task amongst all peoples and places. We desire to see no place left (Romans 15:23) where the gospel isn’t being shared with lost people, disciples aren’t being made, and healthy churches aren’t reproducing.

Throughout Scripture, we see people calling out to God in prayer. We see prayer modeled as relational communication with God as a part of abiding in Him. We see it as a recognition of His holiness and our depravity. We read prayers of adoration, confession and thanksgiving. We also see that God in His sovereignty works through the prayers of His people. As believers come before God with hearts prepared through confession of sin, their prayers are heard and acted upon by our Lord (James 5:16). We know that He alone is the way to eternal life (Acts 4:12). God tells His people to ask Him for the nations (Psalm 2:8) and to come before Him constantly in intercession (Luke 18:1-8). We see numerous examples in Scripture of God withholding His wrath, for a time, as even one person intercedes on behalf of those apart from Him (Exodus 32:14). We know that He has come to seek the lost (Luke 19:10). We also know that the harvest is plentiful, the workers are few, and that we should call out to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers (Matthew 9:37-38).

As workers among South Asian peoples we know the need for prayer. We are surrounded by lostness. We see very vividly the strongholds of the enemy. The task is enormous. South Asia is home to 1.7 billion people, the largest concentration of lostness on the planet, the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, and home to over 500 million Muslims. Every week in South Asia 654,000 babies are born. Every week in South Asia 237,000 people pass into eternity and most will spend that eternity separated from God. These things are all true. Yet the truth is that God’s Word tells us the harvest is plentiful. His Word tells us that people from every nation, tribe, people and language will one day gather before the throne, crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” (Rev 7:10). We are confident that we are not sufficient to bring about change in the lives of those to whom we have been sent, but we know God is able to do more than we could ask or imagine (Eph 3:20). South Asia needs more laborers in the harvest. South Asia needs you and your church joining with us in this immense task!

As we look toward prayer partnerships with Arkansas associations and churches, we would like to provide you with a few resources that we hope you will find useful. We want to equip you and your churches with what is needed for consistent strategic and informed prayer. We want you to join us as we watch God draw people from every nation, every tribe, every people and every language to Himself. He will do it. Don’t miss being a part of this exciting journey!


Affinity Prayer Advocate

Affinity Group Leader


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