South Asia - Invitation to Pray

The International Mission Board Affinity of South Asian Peoples invites Arkansas Baptist associations and churches to lead their people to pray in informed and strategic ways for South Asian Peoples.

ON THIS PAGE: There are several ways you can get involved in praying for South Asian peoples

A. Download the South Asia Prayer App

B. Discover Prayer Requests on the IMB's South Asia web page

C. Adopt a South Asia Unreached People Group to pray for - we have a full list of people groups for you to check out

A. Every member with a smartphone can do this: Receive and pray for specific South Asia prayer requests that are shared on their smartphone app, which is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play. The prayer requests change EVERY day. You can set a reminder in the app to prompt you to pray! 


There is nothing to sign up for. Download the app and start praying!


To get started:  Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone's camera and you'll be taken to your phone's app store, or, on your phone go to and click the appropriate link to the APP Store or Google Play. 











Also, you can download and share the QR Code graphic in your bulletin, on your website, or send it to members by text message, email or social media. It is safe for you to share this publicly.   



B. Every member with access to the internet can do this: You can access daily prayer requests for South Asian Peoples on the IMB’s website. After you click the following link you’ll need to scroll down to see the prayer requests:


These are DIFFERENT from the requests posted on the smartphone app. Users access these requests daily using the link. The web link can be sent to members by text, email, or placed on the church’s website or social media.  It is safe for you to share this publicly.   



C. Every church and/or association, any mission group, any Sunday School class, and youth group,  can do this:  You can adopt an Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG). There are currently over 750 South Asian UUPGs.


Associations: We would encourage each association to adopt one of these UUPGs for prayer. The association would then promote prayer for this group among its member churches.

Individual churches can also adopt an Unengage Unreached People Group (UUPG).  




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