Dr. J.D. "Sonny" Tucker

Executive Director

Jimmie Sheffield

Assistant to the Executive Team

David Bond

Director of Convention Business

Marcus Brown

Director of Convention Administration

Nick Burt

Director of Communications

Bob Harper

Missions Team Leader

Bruce Venable

College + Young Leader Team Leader

Tim Wicker

Church Planting Team Leader

Will McKay

Church Health Team Leader

Kevin Alley

Camp Paron Director

Lathan Barnett

BCM Assistant Campus Minister, Conway

Victoria Belken


Vera Clancy

Ministry Assistant to Executive Director

Donna Couch

Ministry Assistant to Church Health Team

Verna Dame

Computer Services Data Base Manager

Ethan Dial

Digital Media Manager

Cherie Estes

Church Planting Ministry Assistant

Jared Farley

BCM Campus Minister, HSU

Bob Fielding

Consultant for Chaplaincy & National/International Missions Consultant

Randy Garrett

Disaster Relief Director

Warren Gasaway

Church Health Assistant Team Leader/ Student Ministry Specialist

Roger Gaunt

Church Planting Strategist

Francisco Gomez

Hispanic Church Planting Strategist

Thomas Guinee

BCM Assistant Campus Minister, Conway

Justin Hall

Computer Services Assistant

Gena Harris

Business Office Accounts Payable

Kathy Hensley

Employee Benefits Specialist

Tyler Hoffpauir

BCM Campus Minister, ASU

Willie Jacobs

Director of New Church Affiliations and Church Planting Strategist

Bob Johnson

Assoc. Missionary Liaison & Sunday School Consultant

Dan Jordan

Executive + Administrative Team

Chris Kohlman

College + Young Leader Assistant Team Leader

Andrea Lennon

Women's Ministry Specialist

Laramie LeQuieu

Church Health Leadership Specialist

Melanie Lewellen

Business Office Assistant Accountant

Hillary Loftin

Ministry Assistant to Church Health Team

Lynn Loyd

College + Young Leader Missions Consultant

Donna Mathis

Business Office Gifts and Accounts Receivable

Connie McCall

Convention & Executive Board Secretary

Gwen McCallister

Ministry Assistant

Travis McCormick

Men & Boy's Missions Strategist

Brandon Moore

BCM Campus Minister, Conway

Debbie Moore

WMU Executive Director

Jamie Naramore

International Church Strategist

Chanson Newborn

Church Planting Strategist

Keturah Quimby

Ministry Assistant to Disaster Relief

Ethan Risley

Building Manager

Clint Ritchie

Community Ministries Mobilization Specialist

Sam Roberts

Missions Assistant Team Leader

Mike Sandusky

BCM Campus Minister, SAU

Ryan Scantling

BCM Campus Minister, Fayetteville

Neal Scoggins

Evangelism Strategist

Judy Shaddox

Ministry Assistant to Church Health Team

Corley Shumaker

BCM Assistant Campus Minister, ASU

Jonda Shikle

Ministry Assistant to College + Young Leader Team

Karen Smith

Demographics Specialist

Emily Smith

Children's Specialist

Bit Stephens

International Student Consultant

Sarah Vaughn

Content Creator

Adam Venters

BCM Campus Minister, Metro

Karen West

Building Hostess

Leah Jo Wilson

Preschool & Children's Ministry Consultant

Rachel Wolfe

Ministry Assistant to Executive and Administrative Team

Jeremy Woodall

BCM Campus Minister, UAM

Hannah Zirbel

BCM Assistant Campus Minister, Conway