An Ode to Chad Grigsby – A Tribute

April 9, 2019
An Ode to Chad Grigsby – A Tribute

by Dave McClung


The end of a season has come on the Grind. Chad Grigsby, my beloved co-host, has decided to leave the beautiful state of Arkansas for the lovely city of Columbus, Ohio. It has been a blast to have him around to help me host the Grind and dive deep into all things church planting. He has been the Boowinkle, yes you read that correctly, to my Rocky.  Not sure where he got "Boo Winkle" instead of Bullwinkle. He has been the Robin to my Batman, the Sonny to my Cher. Okay, maybe not that one. We’ve had a blast together on the ole Grind. This week on the podcast, we say goodbye to him.


While Chad may be moving to another state, his passion for church planting and his heart to continue to pour into and raise up future church planters has not changed. Chad will be taking on a dual role in Columbus as a teaching pastor for Lifepoint Church and a Church Planting Catalyst for NAMB in Columbus. Chad is an incredible communicator and has a passion for preaching, so the role at Lifepoint is going to be a great opportunity to exercise that passion. 


Chad is also a gifted church planting trainer and coach. Having planted Compass Church in Batesville Arkansas, along with the illustrious Mickey Jones, back in 2010, Chad gained some great insight, both positive and negative, on how to plant churches. This insight has served him well as he has trained and coached church planters here in Arkansas and will certainly serve him well in Columbus. One of the amazing things about working for a denominational entity such as the ABSC is that a broad 30,000-foot view of church planting is gained. Getting to be a part of all kinds of churches with all kinds of demographic qualities in a great diversity of context is invaluable when training and coaching church planters. Chad’s experience here at the ABSC as he engaged multiple planters in multiple contexts will be an amazing asset to bring to bear on a diverse city like Columbus.


A new season of life and ministry is upon Chad and Jessica in a new role and a new context. New seasons come upon us all if we stay in ministry any length of time. I will miss Chad’s witty banter as we laughed and cried, mostly because of the stupid things we said on the air and some of the things that Nick Burt would not allow on the air. The Grind will continue with a new co-host and a new voice. I doubt it will be any less crazy given who the new co-host will be, but you can always rest assured we will continue to be passionate about church planting and passionate about celebrating this life that Jesus has given us.


Blessings to Chad, Jessica, and the kiddos. We love you and we’ll miss you. May God make your new ministry more fruitful than anything up to this point.