Fishing for Men Part 1

February 17, 2016
Fishing for Men Part 1

I would like to introduce you to Sam.  Sam is just a guy I made up, but you might recognize him anyway.  You see, Sam could be any man in your community.  Sam is 38 years old.  He doesn’t attend church, but he is a good man with a good family.  He loves his wife and kids, but Sam often feels like a failure as a husband and a dad.  He feels like his wife nags him and his kids don’t respect him.  Sam makes a good living, but is tired of his job and is having difficulties with his supervisor.  Sam’s mom passed away from cancer 5 months ago and he’s waiting on the results from some blood work he just had done last week.  Even though he won’t say it publicly, he’s scared and worried about what the future holds.   Sam likes to play golf, watch football and occasionally enjoys a beer or glass of wine to help him deal with the stresses of life. 

Sam is a man in need of ministry.  He’s a man in need of Jesus.  And he is not alone. 

God calls us to be fishers of men.  He’s talking about men like Sam.  What would you do to reach Sam for Christ?   As men’s missions leader I want to help you discover how you can personally minister to men and how you can engage the men of your church to do the same.   Prayerfully consider the following which we will cover in depth in future articles. 

  1. Consider your motive and goal.  What is your overall goal in men’s ministry?  What are you trying to accomplish and why?   What does scripture have to say about this and how does it affect your ability to minister to men? 
  2.  Think like a man.   If you are a man and you belong to Jesus, God has equipped you to reach men for Him.  Simply being the man God designed you to be will naturally and effectively help you minister to men. 
  3. Don’t forget to include the boys.  As you consider your ministry to men, don’t overlook the young “men”.    Lead the men of your church to mentor and minister to the boys who will grow up and repeat the cycle. 

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