July 7, 2016

An RSO is a Registered Student Organization. Student organizations are a great way to get involved on your campus.  Student organizations are student led and student initiated but must have faculty support and representation. Many of these RSO’s have large influence on university campus life. There are currently over 350 active registered student organizations that cover a multitude of interests at the University of Arkansas.  Here are some reasons that a church based collegiate ministry should be an RSO.

Use of university facilities. Having access to buildings where college students congregate is important. The student union, campus exercise facilities, libraries, cafeterias and food courts are all places that many students cycle through. Having the ability to be where the masses congregate, increase opportunities for developing relationships with new students and meeting involved students for Bible studies and discipleship. There is nothing like getting on their turf and knowing what students are experiencing in the campus culture.

Be listed in University publications, websites and newsletters. Free publicity that reaches all college students! University publications and websites can raise your profile on campus. On most campuses advertising to the whole campus is almost impossible but universities have their own system to get information out to the masses. An RSO can take advantage of this system.

Engage in university information fairs. Getting face to face time with college students is always a challenge. University information fairs not only gives face to face time but also allows for the placement of printed information in their hands. It also will allow for organizations to gather personal contact information for follow up and personal invitations.

Reserve meeting space on campus. Universities have facilities that allow for small groups and large groups. The ability to reserve these spaces in the center of the campus puts a church in the heart of the mission field. Some university large group space is larger than most church auditoriums and gives the opportunity to reach more students than would drive off campus to a church. A reservation secures this space and also allows the university administration know that the church is interested in providing for the needs of students.

Want to reach more college students, be more active on campus and have more influence with campus administration and staff? Maybe becoming an RSO would help in this vision and desire. Ask your students what they think!