Jeremy & Natalia Aylett

October 17, 2021
Jeremy & Natalia Aylett

“There is a difference between living next to someone and being their neighbor.”    

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For Jeremy Aylett, serving in San Diego means engaging spiritual hunger with something tangible – genuine community. Though it is known as “America’s Finest City,” with great weather and good vibes, San Diego is also full of spiritual, physical, and relational brokenness. There are thousands of refugees and asylum seekers coming from Haiti, North Africa, and the Middle East, and many of them have lost family members along the way. But thanks to increased collaboration among local churches, they are experiencing a season of increased outreach and church planting among those with great needs.

“We wanted to be in a global city where there was great Gospel need. We speak Spanish, and San Diego is right on the border. So, when First Baptist Russellville sent us out to be church planting apprentices in 2011, we found San Diego to be a great fit.”  Jeremy has since served as the lead planter and pastor of a few churches and is now the Send City Missionary for San Diego. In this role, he also gets to assess, train, and encourage other planters in the area.

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for more planters to be sent to San Diego, as well as sent out from San Diego through local church planting residencies. Pray for summer missionaries, many of whom come from Arkansas to be mobilizers among college students and young adults. Pray for churches that are serving refugees and families through compassion ministries.

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