Kids Ministry: Driving It Home

August 1, 2021
Kids Ministry: Driving It Home

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Driving my son to school one morning a few years ago, my five-year-old stated, “Mommy, do bad guys do bad things because they do not know Jesus?” I replied, “Yes you have it right—bad guys do bad things because they don’t know Jesus, but God has given us the task to share Jesus with them.” After pondering for a moment, my son replied back, “Mommy, I think I may be too scared to do that, but we could make a big sign and put it up.”

In reality, this billboard shines brightly in kids’ ministries across our state as Arkansas Baptist churches come alongside families in reaching the next generation. According to Barna nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus Christ as their Savior do so before reaching the age of thirteen. If we are to reach the next generation, we must start early. Arkansas Baptist Kids Ministry plays a part in this role, by equipping churches through leader trainings, VBS trainings, safety trainings, consultations, and kids’ ministry leader networking opportunities.

As we move forward into the start of a new school year, it is a great reminder that the Gospel changes lives and there are more than 485,000 valid reasons why kids matter in Arkansas.

PRAYER POINTS: Pray for kids’ ministries across the state to have opportunities to share the Gospel with children and families this year. Pray for families to step up as spiritual leaders in their home and pray that our churches come alongside parents in equipping them to make a spiritual impact in the home.

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