Lead > Defend Podcast: Finding Community After College

October 3, 2019
Lead > Defend Podcast: Finding Community After College

In this episode of the Lead>Defend Podcast, Seth and Ryan welcome back their good friend Marissa for a discussion on finding community after college. During school, it can seem really easy to meet people with similar interests, but what about after you graduate and enter the workforce? Listen in for some practical advice.



  • Is the transition after college harder than transition into college?

  • Why should you take advantage of your college years?

  • Where can you find community after graduation?

  • How do you meet people?

  • Can you have a genuine friendship with your coffeeshop barista?

  • How do you signal to other people that you are open to conversation?

  • How should you pick a new church?

  • What if your church doesn’t have a lot of people your age?

  • What if you struggle with social anxiety?


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