Church Health

Inspire On The Go — 015: Rachel Lovingood - Moms, Ministry & More!

We love Rachel Lovingood! In this conversation, Andrea and Rachel visit at a hotel in Dallas after serving together at a women’s ministry conference.
March 4, 2019
Church Planting

077: The Grind - Jordan Bowen

Dave & Chad talk with Jordan Bowen, church planter at Oasis Church in Down Town Little Rock. Jordan shares helpful tips and ideas for identifying and reaching out to international people groups in your context.
February 26, 2019
Church Planting

The Nations Next Door

When 20 something Jordan Bowen joined the staff at Oasis Church in Maumelle, he already had a passion for the nations.
February 26, 2019
Church Health

Inspire On The Go — 014: Inspire Preview

Join Andrea Lennon and Shari Edwards as they talk all things Inspire Women’s Conference! Inspire will be held on March 9, 2019, at First Baptist Church in Russellville, Arkansas.
February 25, 2019
Church Health

Inspire On The Go — 013: Jacki King - Theological Education and Opportunities for Women in Ministry

Join Andrea Lennon and Jacki King for a conversation about all the great opportunities for women in ministry.
February 18, 2019
Executive + Administrative

A Statement from the Executive Director

“I am deeply saddened and grieved over the abuse revealed by the Houston Chronicle report. I ask all Arkansas Baptists to join me in...

February 11, 2019
Church Planting

The Grind Podcast-Ep.76

Did you miss us? We've taken a few months off to create some new content for the podcast and plan some big things for 2019!
February 12, 2019
Church Health

Inspire On The Go — 012: Shelly Chandler - Planning Successful Church-wide Events

Join Andrea Lennon and Shelly Chandler as they talk about the value of hosting church-wide events for women. Learn how your church can be intentional in the planning process.
February 11, 2019
Church Health

Inspire On The Go — 011: Ruth Pt. 4

Andrea shares practical truths from On the Road with Ruth. The rest of Ruth’s story is almost too good to be true. A Moabite women was grafted into the God’s chosen people the Israelites. But even better than that, Ruth was included in the lineage of Jesus. From heartbreak and loss to soul deep restoration. That is the God we serve!
February 4, 2019
Church Planting

The Grind Season 3

Season 3 of The Grind podcast is here! New content and episodes will be available on February 12th. 
February 6, 2019
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