Roderick and Lena Rogers

There are lost people everywhere wandering around in circles and in need of a shepherd, but most of them will never come to us. We have to go to them.
December 12, 2021

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Mrs. Lombena* transitions with ease from the standard West African greetings into the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery.
December 5, 2021

Lottie Moon

IMB workers Skip and Kim Meyer* have spent their lives on two very different mission fields but with the same purpose: giving hope to people who need it and equipping others to do the same.
November 28, 2021

Logan and Emily McCourtney

There are a lot of forgotten people in a lot of forgotten places across rural America.
November 21, 2021

Ahmad and Tagel Muqtasid

I want all of our ideas and strategies to be birthed out of our prayer life.
November 14, 2021

The Institute

The Institute (formerly named the Delta Institute) has been a beacon of light and hope to bi-vocational pastors and church leaders across the state.
November 7, 2021

Arkansas Baptist Foundation

Obedience and faithfulness to God guides everything we do including the stewardship and distributions of funds to make significant Kingdom impact.
October 31, 2021

2021 Annual Meeting

Missions and ministry endeavors that lead to life change and impacting lostness is what being Arkansas Baptists is all about.
October 24, 2021

Jeremy & Natalia Aylett

"There is a difference between living next to someone and being their neighbor."
October 17, 2021

Global Hunger Sunday

Because of Southern Baptist generosity to the Global Hunger Relief fund, teams were able to distribute emergency food baskets with flour, oil, sugar and buckwheat to families on the brink of starvation.
October 10, 2021
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