Pastors' Conference Preaching Workshops: Breaking Down the Heart & the Art Behind Preaching

September 30, 2019
Pastors' Conference Preaching Workshops: Breaking Down the Heart & the Art Behind Preaching

One of the main purposes of the Pastors’ Conference is to help Arkansas pastors reconnect with their ministry, and a big part of every pastor’s ministry is preaching. That’s why Conference President Dave Hughey and Officers Jarvis Smith and Scott Miller have decided to double down on preaching this year by featuring some world-class preachers plus a brand new type of session: Preaching Workshops.  


How will it work?

This year’s conference will feature sermons by some heavy hitters: Dr. David Allen, Dr. Steve Gaines, Pastor H. B. Charles, and Dr. Michael Spradlin. Two of these pastors, Dr. Allen and Dr. Spradlin, will lead a session after they preach breaking down how they prepared that sermon. 


What are the topics?

One of the workshops is going to focus on preparing the sermon—the art behind preaching. How did they go about organizing the information and getting the words on the page? The process of sermon-writing will be looked at in detail and with a focus on education. The goal is to teach practical sermon-writing tips that can be used right away.

The second workshop is all about preparing the pastor—the heart behind preaching. Preaching is more than just public speaking, it’s a spiritual exercise. What are some of the ways pastors prepare to stand in the pulpit week to week? In what condition should a pastor’s heart and mind be on Sunday morning? Come get ideas from one of the best. 


See you soon!

We hope to see you Oct. 21 at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church. This conference will be a time to connect with other pastors, sharpen your mind, and rejuvenate your heart for ministry and for preaching. Click here to learn more about how to register for the conference, and we hope to see you in Little Rock!

"I do hope you’ll plan to join me as together we restore our passion for the work of our calling"

Dave Hughey, Pastors' Conference 2019 President