Prayer and Discipleship Lead to Salvation

April 25, 2020
Prayer and Discipleship Lead to Salvation

During the month of March 2020, Little Rock’s Iglesia Bautista El Centro de Disciplulado, a mission of Geyer Springs First Baptist Church, has had nine professions of faith. Six of these came as the simple result of a brother and sister looking for a church in the fall of 2019 so they could find others to pray for their mom who had cancer. Although the mother went home to be with the Lord on November 16, 2019, the families of this brother and sister have continued to attend El Centro. After several weeks of an in-home discipleship program, three family members of the brother and three other family members of the sister realized they were lost and in need of a Savior. What a joy it was for Pastor and Church Planter, Francisco Gomez and his wife, Maria, to lead them to commit their lives to the Lord! This church family believes that God is working in these two families, and they will continue to pray for others within these large families who have yet to receive Christ.

The other three salvations came as a result of a woman named Sonia being baptized on Sunday, March 8, the last time that El Centro de Discipulado met together in person. Sonia had received Jesus some months ago and had decided to be baptized on March 8. So, on March 2, Francisco and Maria went to Sonia’s house to talk with her about the baptism. Her husband, Marvin, an unbeliever, had purposely left the house before they got there in order to watch a soccer game, because he knew that they were coming. Sonia had been inviting her husband to church, but he had always made excuses. However, when Marvin came back home from the game, Francisco and Maria were still there. At first, they talked about the soccer game, and then the conversation took a turn related to spiritual matters because Marvin had several questions. After talking about the Gospel until 11:00 pm, Francisco extended an invitation for Marvin to follow Jesus. But Marvin told them: “I will receive Jesus into my heart but in a church building, I do not want to do it at home.” Francisco explained to him that Marvin could make that decision in that very moment, but Marvin insisted on his position. So, Francisco asked him when that would be. He said next Sunday my wife will be baptized. I will do it by then. Was he trying to avoid making a decision for Christ? Well, Sunday came, and Marvin showed up for his wife, Sonia’s baptism. Francisco preached and extended an invitation, and three people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Guess who was among them? …You got it right!!! Marvin was one of those three!

Praise the Lord for how He has been working in Iglesia Bautista El Centro de Discipulado! Yes, ministry may look a little different right now, but these nine new believers are growing in their faith, and this church family of Hispanic believers is looking forward to the day when they can meet in person to celebrate these baptisms. Until then, they will continue to meet through Zoom, Facebook Live, and over the phone – reading the Word, praying, and singing, and worshipping the One who is, who was, and who is to come.