Ready to Start a Ministers’ Wives Fellowship Group in Your Area?

March 28, 2023
Ready to Start a Ministers’ Wives Fellowship Group in Your Area?

We are excited to share a wonderful opportunity with you! Across Arkansas, wives are connecting through fellowship groups in organic ways. One desire we have is for wives who live and serve in regional areas to connect with one another for the purpose of networking, resource sharing, and friendship development. Fellowship groups are a great way to make that type of connection! If you are willing to start a fellowship group in your area, please begin by following these steps!

Five Easy Steps for Forming a Ministers' Wives Fellowship: 

1. Be pro-active.
Seek out and share with a couple of ministers’ wives in your area about the idea of forming a fellowship group.

2. Enlist your association for help.
Ask for a list of churches with all ministers, their wives' names, addresses, and phone numbers. The association will also be able to help you send out e-mails or e-invitations to the wives.

3. Pick a location.
Choose a restaurant, home, church fellowship area, etc. for your fellowship time. Invite all the ministry wives to attend. If providing snacks or going out to dinner, ask for an RSVP. Even if only two or three attend, have fun, get to know one another, and plan to meet at least once a month. Be sure to send an announcement for the next meeting.

4. Each group will look different. No two groups look alike.
The point is to have fun. You do not need a “planned Bible study” or program. Be creative with activities like craft night, bowling night, pizza and movie night, chocolate night, etc.

5. Don’t give up.
Growing a group takes time and effort. Even if only two or three attend, it is worth it. Keep meeting and keep inviting the ministers’ wives.