Ron & Alana Greenwich

March 27, 2022
Ron & Alana Greenwich

“What a blessing it is to invest in the lives of the next generation of missionaries!”

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Ron and Alana Greenwich retired from IMB in 2015 after 32 years of service as church planters and social ministries catalysts in Brazil.  They are now back in Brazil with the IMB serving as mentors and language coaches for all new missionaries who are in their first year of language and cultural acquisition.

The Greenwiches’ work includes helping missionaries in many ways, from finding housing and language teachers to helping the new missionaries with documentation and navigating their new surroundings.  They use their expertise and experience to help others develop a love for Brazilians and to better learn Portuguese so that they can fulfill God’s call and pursue the missionary task among the 99 unreached people groups of the Amazon.

PRAYER POINTS: Please pray for the new missionaries in Brazil as they adjust to a different way of life, being away from their families in the U.S., and learning to take care of routine tasks in a language that is not their own. Pray that the Lord would call out more workers for the harvest and that they would say YES to His call, especially among the 99 unreached people groups in the Amazon.

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