Spreading the Good News in the Great Outdoors

July 1, 2019
Spreading the Good News in the Great Outdoors

Serving Arkansas Baptists and maintaining all the moving parts of missions around the state couldn’t happen without teamwork. Working towards the common goals of reaching the unreached requires the help of a lot of people and organizations. One such organization that often goes unnoticed is the Campers on Mission.


Who are the Campers on Mission?

Campers on Mission (or COM) is a national group that has several chapters, including an active chapter right here in Arkansas. In our state, camping and outdoor activities are hugely popular, and rightfully so—the natural beauty of Arkansas is well known through the country. Camping is a huge pastime, that also makes it a huge mission field.  The Campers on Mission recognize this and that’s exactly why they exist. They are Christians and campers who have decided to combine their love of the outdoors with their desire to reach people wherever they are. 

The Campers on Mission engage in missions primarily in three ways: 

  1. The first is that they go to campsites and minister to the other campers there. They often set up stations with food and blow up games and invite fellow campers to come, enjoy themselves, and learn about the love of Jesus.  
  2. Another major part of their ministry is serving ABSC organizations, like Camp Paron and Camp Siloam, where they have done a number of building and other labor-intensive service projects in recent years.
  3. The third aspect of their missions is more straightforward community service projects—helping out with specific tasks at community centers and schools. Some of these are labor-intensive but some are not. Earlier this year, they spent time with children at an after-school program in North Little Rock.

Surrounding these events, the Campers on Mission camp together, share meals, fellowship and have fireside worship services. It’s an incredible way for folks who love the outdoors and who love Jesus to be part of a community geared towards the common goal of mission work.


What have they done recently?

In early May, the Campers on Mission gathered in Central Arkansas at Camp Maumelle for three days of fellowship and service. Many extended stay patients will take time away from the hospital and stay in a section of Camp Maumelle as part of a UAMS hospital program. The Campers on Mission come here specifically to minister to these people. While at the campsite, the Campers on Mission also had special guest speakers at their opening evening service followed by two days of shared meals, morning worship services, and afternoon service projects at schools around Little Rock. 


How can I get involved?

Are you a Christian who loves camping? Maybe you’ve been looking for a way to get involved with missions but can’t seem to find a comfortable niche. The Campers on Mission would love your help. It’s also a great way to get involved with missions with your whole family—kids are welcome at many of the events and can play an important part in ministering. They also intentionally hold some events on weekdays and some on weekends so that members can attend around their schedules. If you’re interested in joining this exciting missions opportunity, call Keturah Quimby at 501-376-4791, ext. 5249.

If you want to see the Campers on Mission in action to see if it’s right for you, come out to the Acts 1:8 One Day Mission Trip. This year the Campers on Mission will be involved for the first time with Acts 1:8, leading a project at this year’s event in Batesville.