The Gift of Thoughtful Church Members

September 25, 2017
The Gift of Thoughtful Church Members

Karen Smith
assoc. pastor's wife, First Baptist Sherwood

Just reading the words “staff appreciation” brings a flood of memories to my mind and a smile to my lips. Our staff-member family has been blessed many times over the years by thoughtful church members.

We have received shared garden produce, honey, pickles, and eggs. Fluffy rolls and cobbler warm from the oven have arrived at our kitchen door. Once we stepped-up to the cash register at a restaurant to learn that our bill had already been paid.  Another time a lady pressed some cash into my pocket as I left on a mission trip saying, “Treat yourself to something fun.” There have been notes, meals, gift cards, flower arrangements, craft items, and holiday treats. We have enjoyed and been honored by every single gesture.

But three gifts of service are deeply etched into my brain. One was a simple phone call from a deacon’s wife. She said, “I see today is your wedding anniversary. May I keep your kids so you two can go out?” What a gift of love! And—not once, but twice—youth leaders brought a load of students to our house to work. Once they raked and bagged a mountain of leaves. The other time they arrived with buckets and rags and washed our dirty van. We felt so valued and spoiled.

I hope my memories have sparked an idea for a way you can enrich the lives of your church leaders.

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