The Grind: All Things Administration Pt. 1 Feat. Bobby Thomas

June 2, 2020
The Grind: All Things Administration Pt. 1 Feat. Bobby Thomas

In part one of All Things Administration, Neal and Greg talk to CEO and President of the Arkansas Baptist Foundation, Bobby Thomas. In getting back to the basics of church planting, Bobby goes in-depth of how the administrative side of a church plant should function. He also offers plenty of tips and advice in making sure your church plant is completely functional and legit - from a legal standpoint. 


Questions Discussed: 

What are the buckets we need to deal with when it comes to administrative needs in church planting? 

What is the process of becoming a legitimate church plant - in a legal sense?   

What are some basic things that church planters need to know about receiving contributions? What are some typical struggles you see with that? 

What would a proof given to someone to prove to the IRS that they gave to your church look like? 

How do you handle designated gifts? What is considered deductible and not deductible? 

How do you handle donations and stay legal with them? 

What are the basics of spending money received correctly? 


Some Key Takeaways:

The key buckets to the framework of administration in a church plant are: Gathering and creating governing documents, receiving contributions and handling that well, dealing with payroll and compensation, creating a process to handle your budget of money received, etc and creating a process of annually reviewing your documents and needs. 

Whatever mechanism you use for keeping track of contributions, there are two things you have to be able to do: You need to be able to account for the receipts, money that came in, and be able to account for each giver, doner, how much they gave. 






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