The Grind: Creating and Connecting Small Groups During A Pandemic

May 21, 2020
The Grind: Creating and Connecting Small Groups During A Pandemic

In this episode, Neal talks to Bob Johnson, Associational Missionary Liaison, and Sunday School Consultant at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention about all things small groups. COVID-19 has created a unique experience for churches everywhere when it comes to connecting to their congregations. They talk about how vital small groups are to churches in general, especially church plants as they continue to grow their communities. They also talk about how planters can build upon existing small groups and create new small groups within their church.

Even during the pandemic, ministry can continue through small groups. 


Questions Discussed: 

Given the environment that we’re in right now, do you think that gave the small group concept validity? Do you think churches were starting to see that? 

Should church plants not have the small group as part of the plan, given the current circumstances, or should they continue/include them?

If you wanted to give some practical nuts and bolts, what’s one thing that church plants can use to build/create those small groups? 

What environment does a planter need to create in a small group? 

You don’t just throw a small group together, what’s the purpose of a small group?





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