The Grind: Training For Community Engagement

March 10, 2020
The Grind: Training For Community Engagement

In this episode, Neal and Greg continue to talk to Dave about the ongoing process of his church plant in Vilonia, Arkansas. They discuss practical ways to train your core group on how to engage in the community, and what that might look like for each member of the group. They also dive into the importance of engaging the community you’re planting your church in because, without engagement, there will be no church. 

Questions Discussed: 

What is community engagement?

What are expectations you have, as a planter, for your core group in engaging the community? 

How do you train your group to have community engagement? What does the plan look like for them to kind of follow? 

Do you have any unsaved members in your group, and is that a good or bad thing?

What is your goal for each one of your core group members?  


Key Takeaways:

Where do you go to find lost people? That’s an important question when engaging a community because if you don’t have a regular place in which you can talk to and get to know lost people, it’s going to be hard to plant and grow a church anywhere. 

You aren’t planning a service, you’re planting a church. Getting to know your community and making connections is more important than your big Sunday launch service. 



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