Top Five Things Every Women’s Ministry Needs

July 13, 2015
Top Five Things Every Women’s Ministry Needs

Women are searching for ways to serve and grow within a church community.  For women, being involved in a balanced approach to ministry is important.  Women need spiritual growth, missions, and evangelism in their lives. These three areas are included in five vital elements that every women’s ministry needs:  relationships, authenticity, fellowship, prayer, and serving together.

  • Relationships play a key role in humanity… especially with women. We are created to want/need relationships. Most people would agree that women surround themselves with relationships that include friends, family, and community. Sororities are big in college-life for women. Young mothers communicate through social networking- sites about raising children and running a household. Some women decide to join social clubs within the community. As you work with women in your church, include a time of relationship building. Relationships can be built through Bible study or doing a community-missions project together. Every woman needs different kinds of relationships. Every relationship should bring women closer to the ultimate relationship with God.
  • Authenticity is important to every woman. Women desire a place where they can be themselves and where they are surrounded by women who are real.  Women sometimes put up a front based on what is expected of them as a young mother, a professional woman, a grandmother, etc. Once all the perceptions are taken away, women become the real women God created them to be.  Women need a place where they will not be judged by others. They need a place where they can share their lives with each other and serve other women.
  • Fellowship needs to be included as a part of every women’s group. During times of fellowship, women who sit and talk, laugh or cry together develop a sense of community with each other. This time of fellowship may look different for each ministry. Find a common interest among the women in the church and create a time for the women to come together. Women may enjoy scrapbooking, playing golf or tennis, or having dinner and going to a movie together.  Doing something they enjoy, and spending time with other women who enjoy the same things, will create community within the church.
  • Through authentic relationships and fellowship, women begin to grow spiritually.  As spiritual growth occurs, women need an outlet to put their gifts and abilities into action. Women can lift each other up in prayer. Through prayer, women share their hearts and burdens with other women. Prayer brings women together with other hearts who are searching for God’s will and plan.
  • Along with growing spiritually and praying together, every women’s ministry needs to serve together. Missions is the basis of Southern Baptist life.  All women do not have a calling to serve internationally, but they can be involved in sharing God’s love with people in their own community (and more and more international women are becoming residents of our communities!). Women have the gift of meeting the physical and emotional needs of families, other women, and children. As women are involved in meeting physical needs, evangelism and Kingdom growth follow. Christian Women’s Job Corp is a practical way for women to be involved in meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of other women. Contact Debbie Moore ( to find a CWJC site near you.

What is missing in your women’s ministry? How do women in your church develop community?  How can you create an environment where women can be authentic with each other?  Do you have plans for your women to fellowship, pray, and serve together?

Debbie Moore, Missions Team, Women’s Missions Discipleship Consultant