Who Doesn't Like a Good Story?

January 25, 2016
Who Doesn't Like a Good Story?

Bible storying is crafting stories that are biblically accurate for the purpose of sharing Jesus with anyone and everyone. Bible storying is the art of presenting biblical content from memory

Bible storying is telling Bible stories in a natural way, using a method that focuses on evangelism and discipleship. 

Bible storying is a craft that can be used anywhere in the world to share the Gospel.  Internationally, storying groups can become house churches.   Locally, your storying group might be your Sunday school class or a small group that meets in your home.  It might be a group of kids in a Backyard Bible Club or VBS.  Church plants can grow out of storying groups.

Wherever you are, you should always be ready to share your story and the good news about Jesus.  Storying gives you an easy, natural approach.  And who doesn’t like a good story?

Bible storying workshops will benefit those who are:

  • Going on missions trips (international, national, or state)
  • Involved as leaders/volunteers in Christian Women’s / Christian Men’s Job Corps
  • Ministering among peoples in poverty
  • Working with internationals
  • Sunday School teachers and Bible study leaders
  • Serving among trafficked peoples
  • Ministry among secondary orals in the community (high school and/or college graduates who do not read and get all their information from the media)

Bible storying workshops are offered twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall).  A workshop is one-day long (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), with a lunch break provided; usually held on a Saturday at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention office in Little Rock.

The Missions Team can also help individual churches or associations arrange to host their own Bible storying workshop. 

See the Storying Web page for more details.