Student Missions Discipleship

Missions discipleship for students is, at its core, about making disciples. It’s about reaching the lost and helping them grow to become on-mission Christians (Christians who take seriously their responsibility to live as missionaries every day of their lives). Simply put, missions discipleship is praying for, training and equipping workers who make disciples and carry the message of Christ to a lost and dying world.

Missions discipleship is not a cookie cutter program. It looks different in each individual church. The approach to missions education is not nearly as important as accomplishing it. Remember that missions discipleship doesn’t happen by accident. It is important to be intentional about teaching, training, and equipping students to live an on-mission lifestyle.

Before you can determine your approach, take a moment to evaluate your current status. What does missions discipleship look like in your student ministry? Consider the following components of missions discipleship. Are you leading your students to:

  • Pray for missions?
  • Support missions through offerings?
  • Grow spiritually to live out a missions lifestyle?
  • Learn about Southern Baptist missionaries, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Annie Armstrong
  • Easter Offering, and the Cooperative Program?
  • Participate in mission projects and witnessing?
  • Participate and invest in the lives/ministry of your church?

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College + Young Leaders

Vocational Ministry Calling

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March 26, 2024
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9 Core Values to Shape Student Ministry

The “faith” of most teenagers in the church is *Moral Therapeutic Deism. At Southwestern, we prepare ministers who will give teenagers the antidote to that tragic perspective.
May 24, 2021
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Connect Youth to the Overall Church

A great question for a church to ask is, “How are our students being utilized in the overall structure of the church?” The church is a body, and the teenagers are an integral part of that body. Students need places of service and interaction in order to feel a part of the church as a whole. Research indicates that the more students are involved in intergenerational relationships, the better they “stick” with the church post high school graduation. (See research in Sticky Faith by Kara Powell.) One of the goals for student ministry is to see youth be able to function in a church as they become young adults. To facilitate this, students need experience working alongside and building relationships with adults so that the transition is smoother when they enter young adulthood.
May 24, 2021

Lottie Moon - Missionary and WMU Pioneer

Every Christmas season, WMU® promotes a denomination-wide offering for those serving with the International Mission Board, using 100 percent of the funds collected for missionary support.  This offering has impacted thousands of missionaries and is significant because it is named for Lottie Moon, a remarkable missionary and WMU pioneer.
December 2, 2019