ABSC Executive Board Recommendations

On August 17, 2021, the Executive Board of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention met and approved three recommendations to be presented to the messengers during the Annual Meeting on October 26-27. Doug Falknor, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Fayetteville and President of the ABSC presided over the meeting and will make these recommendations to messengers. These recommendations cover matters of the 2022 budget, 2022 goals and the budget formula for 2023-2027.  

Recommendation No. 1 – 2022 Budget 

At the Annual Meeting of the ABSC, messengers will consider recommendation number one concerning the 2022 Cooperative Program Budget. This budget follows the budget formula approved in 2016 for the five-year period of 2018-2022. It reflects allocations on a $21 million budget sent to Arkansas Baptist and Southern Baptist entities. The 2022 budget also reflects an out-of-state giving percent of 48.40%.   

Click here to access a PDF of the recommended 2022 budget.  

Recommendation No. 2 – 2022 Goals 

Each year, messengers also consider the recommendations of the ABSC Executive Board’s team goals. These goals are represented by the ministry and mission work set forth to happen in the upcoming year.  

Click here to access a PDF of the 2022 Team Goals. 

Recommendation No. 3 -  2023 – 2027 Budget Formula 

Every five years, messengers to the ABSC are presented with a budget formula that determines specific portions of each year’s budget to be allocated to Arkansas Baptist entities and out-of-state SBC causes. The formula percentages are then used to determine specific amounts allocated in each year’s annual budget presented to messengers.  

The Budget Formula Study Committee that compiled this formula consisted of these Arkansas Baptists: 

Jamar Andrews - Word Baptist, Jonesboro 

Manley Beasley - Hot Springs Baptist 

Ryan Blackwell - Cross Church, NWA 

Eric Brown - Central Baptist, Jonesboro 

Doug Falknor - First Baptist, Fayetteville 

Jason Miller - Geyer Springs FBC, Little Rock 

Matt Overall - Immanuel Baptist, Warren 

Jeff Paxton - First Baptist, Dover 

Doug Pigg - Immanuel Baptist, Little Rock 

Click here to access a PDF of the 2023 – 2027 Budget Formula Recommendation