Churches are made up of women of different ages and stages of life. We have a chance to minister to all of them! Please use this resource as a tool to better understand the generations and how to reach and serve them with the Gospel of Jesus.

Lead>Defend 2020 Video

Lead>Defend is a one-day conference designed to help high school & college students as well as young professionals transition effectively from one phase of their journey with Christ to another.

Titus 2 Discipleship Strategy

Arkansas has around 1300 churches without vocational student pastors. To reach students, what if churches created a plan, built on small groups, that allowed for older generations to interact with younger generations with the purpose of creating a more cohesive church? What if the church family was strengthened by doing discipleship, missions, fellowship, and evangelism across age groups?

Who's Your One Timeline

A timeline you can use for Who's Your One in your church