Free MinistrySafe Training

MinistrySafe, an organization that seeks to eliminate child abuse in church settings, is now offering its training videos to ABSC churches for free.

Security Checklist for Church Facilities

Chief Mike Davis whose been with the North Little Rock police department for 32 years recently guided participants in how to conduct a walk-through of their facility to spot potential problem areas using this checklist.

Volunteer Background Check Authorization Form

Good guys don't always wear superhero capes, and bad guys don't always have shifty eyes and devious-sounding chuckles. In real life, discerning the heroes from the villains often requires more than a visual assessment. That means you can't know whether someone is "good" or "bad" by looking at them when they walk through the front door of your church and volunteer to serve.

Youth Trip Permission Slip

Arrange a trip? Need a permission slip?