In keeping with the Great Commission, the mission of the church is to make disciples. Followers of Christ have been called by Him to fulfill His mission by
discipling others. 

The Evangelism and Church Health Team can assist your church in developing an intentional process of making disciples, moving believers beyond a
profession of faith to a life devoted to following Christ and fulfilling His mission.


Church Health

Titus 2 Discipleship Strategy

Arkansas has around 1300 churches without vocational student pastors. To reach students, what if churches created a plan, built on small groups, that allowed for older generations to interact with younger generations with the purpose of creating a more cohesive church? What if the church family was strengthened by doing discipleship, missions, fellowship, and evangelism across age groups?
November 17, 2020
Church Health

The Role of Staffers at Super Summer Arkansas

Every year lives are forever changed, and the staffers of Super Summer Arkansas are vital to the camp experience. God uses staffers. Super Summer is thankful for their time, energy, and passion for pouring into the next generation.
September 8, 2020
Church Health

Small Groups: Meeting in Person…Again

As Arkansas Baptists and churches slowly get back to meeting in person, we have spoken with a number of pastors and leaders that have decided to wait to re-start various ministries like children, youth and small group ministries.
June 12, 2020
Church Health

Leading Students during this Crisis

Some helpful ways to keep Youth Ministry going in our "new normal."
June 4, 2020
Church Health

What Did You Learn During Social Distancing?

   As life begins to reopen, we have the chance to take the lessons we’ve learned during social distancing and incorporate them into our new schedules.
June 9, 2020
Church Health

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January 13, 2020