Women's Ministry

Women’s ministry provides a creative avenue to invest in the lives of women with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It can take on different forms in the local church. Women’s ministry can be as simple as a Bible Study group or as complex as a fully developed ministry program. A fully developed ministry program offers women the opportunity to worship, grow, connect, serve, and share—together!

  • Worship: Drawing our hearts near to God.
  • Grow: Drawing our minds to the Word. 
  • Connect: Drawing us near to each other in community. 
  • Serve: Drawing us together in service and outreach. 
  • Share: Drawing others in our world to Jesus. 

The purpose of women’s ministry is to resource churches with cutting-edge strategies that encourage and equip women to live out God’s plan for their lives. These strategies come in the form of leadership training, website resources, Inspire Women's Conference, Women’s Ministry Roundtables, Women's Leadership Network Pipeline, and Women’s Lending Bible Studies.

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Calendar of Events

Leadership development seminars are available in the following areas:

Foundational Components: Ministry to Women in the Local Church
Are you interested in learning more about women’s ministry? Learn basic information such as what women’s ministry is and how it works in the local church.

Starting a Ministry to Women
Are you ready to begin a women’s ministry? Learn the step-by-step approach to beginning an effective women’s ministry in the local church.

Growing a Ministry to Women

Is your women’s ministry struggling? Is it time for a fresh vision and a fresh start? Learn how you and your team can transition from a declining ministry to a health ministry.  


Expanding a Ministry to Women

Is your women’s ministry functioning well, but you know it is time to take it to the next level both inside and outside the walls of your church? Your women will be challenged to think with a  Kingdom mindset and leverage your resources and influence for the gospel.